» 10 Top Indoor Tanning Tips

10 Top Indoor Tanning Tips

For those with an already packed schedule, a trip to the beach or a poolside retreat may not be possible. Of course, it's still possible to get that golden glow by using an indoor tanning bed. Here are 10 indoor tanning tips any fan of tanning can use.
1. Go in with fresh skin. Never spend time in an indoor tanning booth until you've showered or otherwise cleaned your skin of accumulated sweat, dirt, oils and other barriers that could inhibit the tanning process. Be sure to remove any makeup you may be wearing as well.
2. Don't let yourself burn. You may have heard people say, "I burn before I tan." You may have even said it yourself; however, it's just not true, and a burn can undo the work you've put into your tan. Start slowly and build up your base tan – don't try for it all at once.
3. Know the right way to build a base. It can be tempting to try and build your base all at once; however, you should start slow. Hit the tanning booth for the amount of time that's right for your skin once every day or couple of days, depending on whether you're showing any signs of pinkness. Once you have your base built up, you won't need to tan as often.
4. Put on your goggles. Your tanning bed goggles are the only real way to protect your eyes from the UV light of the bed. UV light can – and will – penetrate through a towel. That can lead to big problems with your eyes.
5. Move your arms and legs. You don't have to stay active the entire time you're in the tanning bed, but gentle movements every now and then will ensure that you don't miss any spots on your body, such as areas where the skin is creased or folded.
6. Remember to protect sensitive areas. One of the great things about tanning with a tanning bed is you have the privacy to get an all-over body glow. However, when you ditch the bikini, you expose some of your more sensitive areas to UV light. As you start tanning, use a towel to protect these areas. You can gradually lessen the use of the towel during your sessions until it isn't needed. 
7. Never use outdoor tanning lotion on your skin. These lotions are formulated for outdoor sunlight, and they usually contain at least a small amount of SPF for sun protection. Good-quality indoor tanning lotions are designed specially for the indoor tanning bed or booth process.
8. Pay attention to medical restrictions. Some medications require you to reduce your UV exposure. While everybody loves a golden tan, you shouldn't try and get one at the expense of your health. Consult a doctor about any health concerns, including pregnancy, you may have that could affect your tanning.
9. Don't shower immediately after tanning. Skin tans for up to three hours after a tanning bed session. And once you do shower after your tanning session, ensure you apply a quality moisturizer. 
10. Tan in moderation. Indoor tanning can be a lot safer than tanning in the sun as it gives you control over how much UV light you receive, but all things – including tanning – should be done in moderation. Reduce your tanning time once you've built up your base.