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Wolff Tanning Beds

Wolff is the top name in both commercial tanning beds and residential tanning beds. Founded in 1978 by German scientist Friedrich Wolff, who discovered the tanning properties of ultraviolet (UV) light while studying UV’s beneficial effects on athletes, Wolff has been going strong for more than twenty-five years.

With more than fifty types of sunlamps, Wolff tanning lamps are the most popular in the indoor tanning industry today, and all Wolff brand tanning units are produced exclusively by licensed manufacturers who adhere to Wolff’s tight quality control standards.

Whether you are opening your first salon or are upgrading or expanding your existing equipment, expect only the best from Wolff distributors. They welcome your questions and are knowledgeable in all aspects of construction, features and benefits, and installation requirements for all Wolff brand commercial tanning beds and home tanning beds. Don’t forget to ask them about the convenient leasing program now available to business customers.