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Difference between 10, 15, and 20 Minute beds.

SunFire Tanning Beds

The Wolff home tanning beds lineup includes the Wolff tanning bed line. The Wolff line includes 6 tanning bed models and 1 tanning canopy model with a range of features to meet ever need and fit every budget. These premium tanning beds offer the premium plus series features such as heavy-duty extruded steel mainframe, high-tech digital timers, SolarMax IFT and Advanced SolarMax IFT face tanners, remote timer capabilites, and great warranties.


Tanning Beds usually take 7-15 business days to arrive and come on an 18 wheeler. The shipping company should call you 24 hours prior to arrival to insure somebody is available to sign for and assist getting this off the truck.   Our beds are shipped 98% pre-assembled and will only take 2 people about 10 minutes to finish assembly.

Difference between 10,15, and 20 minute lamps

There are no 10, 15 or 20 minute lamps, the best question is what is the difference in the tanning bed. The tanning lamps performance is directly related to the tanning bed which its installed.  The same tanning lamp may perform differently in difference models of tanning beds.  Factors such as transmissive quality of the acrylic shield, the distance of lamps from the body, the ballast used, electrical current / voltage, distance between the lamps, and the effectiveness of the reflector system, all determine what the exposure schedule and maximum timer interval will be.