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High Pressure Tanning Beds

Indoor tanning equipment most often consists of two types: low pressure and high pressure tanning beds. Low pressure tanning beds are the most common type of commercial tanning beds found in tanning salons and fitness facilities today.

Low pressure tanning beds use lamps that emit both Ultraviolet A (UVA) and Ultraviolet B (UVB) light at low energy levels. UVA is most responsible for tanning. UVB is most responsible for burning.

High pressure tanning beds, on the other hand, use a sophisticated filtering system to block UVB rays and allow only UVA rays to transmit. The result is a faster, darker, longer-lasting tan that requires fewer sessions to maintain.

In the past, high pressure tanning beds only allowed users to tan one side at a time. Today, the unique design of the Wolff Velocity 918HP high pressure tanning bed gives users a uniform, full-body tan thanks to its scientifically balanced bank of three tanning lamps.