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The Power of Wolff Tanning Beds

Learn the difference between residential tanning beds and commercial tanning beds. If a home tanning bed is something you’ve always wanted, or you are starting your own tanning business, then look no further. The best selection of residential tanning beds and commercial tanning beds is here at your fingertips. Receive four times the tan with a home tanning bed than with traditional suntan methods. Give your skin a radiant glow all year round! 

A Wolff tanning bed offers you the following:

  1. Deeper tan 
  2. A more vibrant, sexier, and healthier look 
  3. A great tan no matter the weather outside 
  4. Avoid sun poisoning.
  5. Enhance muscle definition 

Commercial tanning beds cover your entire body from head to toe. They also have super speed times for a faster tanning session. Each of our commercial tanning beds is unique. Please read the descriptions to completely understand how they work to benefit you.   If you are thinking of starting a gym or tanning salon, we would highly recommend you visit one our customers. Revival Fitness is a state of the art Gym in Gonzales, Texas.  Feel free to stop by anytime and take a tour.

Our home tanning bed may cover your full body length, shell style or open lamp. We also offer a face tanner when you only want to tan your upper body. Both the residential tanning beds and the commercial tanning beds have cooling systems for your pleasure and convenience. 

Purchase a Wolff tanning bed for a more relaxed and even-toned look. After your first tanning session, look in the mirror and welcome the new, healthier you!