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SunQuest Tanning Canopies

Wolff SunQuest tanning canopies are the ideal indoor tanning solution for the indoor tanning enthusiast with limited available space. Designed to provide excellent range of movement, more angles, and the best convenience, the Wolff tanning canopy design uses a patented hydro-lift gas-shock hinge control that allows you to adjust the canopy to the perfect height while tanning.

When you’re done, simply fold up the unit for storage between uses. Plus, both SunQuest canopies come equipped with castors so they are easy to move around.

You can choose from the Wolff SunQuest 1000S canopy or the Wolff SunQuest 2000S, which offer six and ten super-efficient lamps respectively angled to cover you with high-output ultraviolet (UV) rays for a full side-to-side tan.

Why slog to the salon when you can pop open your SunQuest tanning canopy in the comfort and privacy of your own home? It’s never been easier to own your own Wolff tanning canopy thanks to the convenient financing options now available to residential customers.

And remember, all SunQuest indoor tanning canopies come with Wolff’s lifetime warranty.