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Wolff Tanning Bed Lamps

One of the questions people commonly ask about Wolff tanning lamps is, "What's the difference between high output (HO) and very high output (VHO) tanning lamps?" The basic difference is in the amount of watt ballast each requires to operate and the amount of milliamps each puts out.

HO tanning lamps use 80-100 watt ballast to generate 800-1,000 milliamps and are most commonly used as tanning bed bulbs.

VHO tanning lamps require 160 watt ballast to produce 1,500 milliamps and are principally used in stand-up style tanning units and larger commercial tanning beds.

Even though VHO lamps require approximately 60% more energy than HO lamps, they only produce 30% more output and have a shorter lamp life than HO lamps. One way to extend the life of your lamps, whether they are HO or VHO, is to clean and replace the acrylic shields periodically.

You should also maintain optimal tanning bed room temperature as higher temperatures can significantly reduce lamp life.

For information on Wolff tanning lamps and lamp compatibility, visit http://www.wolffsystem.com/lamps1.html.