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T-Max G2 Manager

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The T-Max G2 Manager is our best selling front desk salon control system.  It provides complete salon automation from a centralized location.  Easy to install and simple to use, the T-Max G2 Manager can control 1 - 60 tanning rooms.  The Manager Pro can be used manually or connected to a computer using most salon software packages.  "At a glance" room status is shown by the LED lights, and the bright, flourescent display also show the detailed status of a given room with the press of a button.Features

  • Button Start, Delayed Start, or Immediate Start
  • Password Security
  • Salon Software Compatible
  • Session Count Monitor
  • Maximum Time Error
  • Multiple Computer Communications
  • Total Room Hour Monitor
  • Cancel Session Features
  • Wireless Communicator (optional)
  • Lamp Hour Monitor
  • Manual Operation Mode (optional)
  • Intercom Communications (optional)
  • Timer Disconnect Alarm
  • EPROM Date Error ALarm
  • Power Failure Protection
  • Clean Room Feature

If you are wanting to use this and have your beds run wireless, you will need to purchase a AP900 G@ Wireless Module for the G2 Manager as well as one for each bed.