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Wolff Velocity Plus 100W

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So you love the Velocity 100W but are looking for a great upgrade? How about the Velocity Plus 100W? It has all the great benefits of the Velocity 100W tanning bulbs and more! This bulb is 10 percent stronger than the Velocity 100W, and is the compatible replacement to the Genesis bulb. This is a 1,000 hour rated lamp allowing for more time between bulb replacement and increasing profit for salons. Your clients will love the beautiful, fast results they get from this bulb!

  • Feature: Approximately 10% stronger than the Velocity® lamp. Benefit: A compatible lamp which provides an even darker, richer tan. May be used as an upgrade.
  • Feature: Significantly more UVB without compromising the robust UVA that Velocity® is known for.
    Benefit: Our most powerful lamp with extra power takes you a big step further.
  • Feature: Increased compatibility.
    Benefit: Allows a salon owner to replace Genesis Lamps with a lamp under the Wolff® Label.
  • Feature: 100 watt lamps are rated at 1,000 hours.
    Benefit: More profit realized due to less change out and less lamps purchased.

Most salons are getting 800 to 1,000 true tanning hours from the Velocity® before needing to change lamps. Compare this to the competition's lamps. If a salon owner is getting 100 more hours from a lamp which is equal to 300 twenty minute sessions X $6 per session this equals $1,800 in profit! So, a customer may pay a little more up front, but which lamp is going to add to their bottom line? The Velocity® lamp!