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Are you looking for long lasting tanning bulbs with higher UVA ray emission? The Wolff Velocity 100W bulb gives you just that! A higher UVA emission results in increased vitality, pigment formation, and oxidation of melanin. This tanning bulb is a long lasting 1,000 hour bulb designed to enhance a beautiful, fast tan with the benefit of having to change the bulbs in your bed less frequently. This is a great money saver for both the salon owner and residential bed owner. Longer bulb life equals more profit from tanning sessions sold!

  • Feature: Proportionately increases the amounts of UVA emitted.
    Benefit: Helps darken the pigment granules more quickly without increasing the risks of erythema (redness) in the skin. This increase in the UVA increases vitality, pigment formation and oxidation of the melanin which results in rich, dark beautiful tans.
  • Feature: Series of quality control tests are done before leaving the factory.
    Benefit: Guarantee quality and a useful life.
  • Feature: Designed with an advanced, proprietary phosphor mix. Velocity® lamps have a double baked phosphor.
    Benefit: Longer life of lamps, even tanning results to give clients the fast, rich, dark tans they want.
  • Feature: Provides scientifically measured amounts of both UVB and UVA.
    Benefit: Effectively stimulates and oxidizes melanin for deep, dark tans. We refer to our lamp as a "bronzing lamp". Just the right amount of UVA and UVB to give tanners the desired deep, dark golden brown results faster.
  • Feature: The 80 watt and 100 watt lamps are rated at 1,000 hours service life, 160 watts at 800 hours.
    Benefit: Allows salon owners to sell more tanning sessions before changing lamps, which means higher profits.

Most salons are getting 800 to 1,000 true tanning hours from the Velocity® before needing to change lamps. Compare this to the competition's lamps. If a salon owner is getting 100 more hours from a lamp which is equal to 300 twenty minute sessions X $6 per session this equals $1,800 in profit! So, a customer may pay a little more up front, but which lamp is going to add to their bottom line? The Velocity® lamp!