» Wolff Bronzing Sun 100WR (with reflector)

Wolff Bronzing Sun 100WR (with reflector)

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Get the maximum output that you can get from your tanning bulbs with the Wolff Bronzing Sun 100W Reflector. This bulb has a unique blend of UVA and UVB phosphors and is manufactured with a reflector inside the bulb that will help you maximize color and results from your tanning bed. All of our Wolff bulbs go through a series of quality checks before they leave the warehouse. This bulb has an 800 hour life expectancy making it an economical bulb.

  • Feature: A unique blend of UVA and UVB phosphors.
    Benefit: Will give immediate color with the desirable delayed tan also.
  • Feature: Series of quality control checks are conducted before leaving the factory.
    Benefit: Assurance of quality guaranteed.
  • Feature: Life expectancy is 800 hours for reflector styles and 1000 hours for non-reflector styles.
    Benefit: A high life expectancy for a reflector lamp. Maximized profits due to more tanning sessions realized before lamp replacement is needed.