» Solar Storm 32C Deluxe Commercial Tanning Bed

Solar Storm 32C Deluxe Commercial Tanning Bed


Wolff Bronze Max (Strongest Bulb on the Planet) $199


Low Monthly Payments, No Interest, Highest Approvals (click to apply)

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to offer your clients a great looking tan in only a fraction of the time? The Solar Storm 32C Deluxe Commercial Tanning Bed is a 15 minute commercial tanning bed that is designed for comfort and great results - faster than your average commercial bed. Equipped with extra-long Wolff bronzing bulbs and facial tanning, your clients will be ready for that cruise with a beautiful bronze glow in no time!

The Solar Storm 32C Deluxe Commercial Tanning Bed is easy to assemble and install and with our easy acrylic removal system you will love how simple it is to maintain Solar Storm commercial tanning beds. Our beds are designed with a turbo cooling system and maximum airflow for the comfort of your tanners. Give your clients the atmosphere that no other salon can!

32 Body Lamps

  • 32 100w high efficiency Wolff® lamps
  • 50% more bronzing rays, double lamp life


  • 15 minute session time
  • Extruded aluminum and steel mainframe
  • Exclusively designed acrylic
  • Specially designed aluminum reflectors
  • Includes Body Cooling Fan
  • Includes Audio Player
  • Includes Decorative front Skirt

Special Features

  • High-tech digital timer
  • Security timer automatically monitors standard time to guarantee accurate session time
  • Hour meter included in timer system
  • Pre-wired remote hookup available to communicate directly to your TMAX timer system and wireless ready


  • Superflow internal cooling system


  • 78″L x 39″ W x 48″ H
  • Recommended room size 8’x 6′


  • 220 VOLT dedicated circuit
  • 30 AMP circuit breaker


  • Nationwide



Commerical tanning beds usually take 10-15 business days to arrive and come on an 18 wheeler. The shipping company should call you 24 hours prior to arrival to insure somebody is available to sign for and assist getting this off the truck.   Our beds are shipped 98% pre-assembled and will only take 2 people about 10 minutes to finish assembly.

Protective eye wear is required for indoor tanning and must be worn at all times.

"Lamp Color and Design subject to change"