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Daily schedules are becoming busier and because of this people are taking advantage of the convenience of spray tanning". Sometimes, we have events on our calendar that sneak up leaving us with no time for that conventional tan, but with a spray tan that beautiful, even, golden hue can be achieved in minutes. Innovations in spray tanning technology and business have become more reliable and affordable.


Many of the new spray tan solutions are a drip-free moisturizer and most are made of 70% organic material. Not only are they gentle on the skin for long lasting results, but they also dry quickly. The formulas are infused with anti-ageing vitamins to help bring nutrients to the skin, allowing for more of a hydrating and healthy life cycle for the skin cells. Your spray tan fully develops from 9-12 hours and can last up to 10 days - perfect for that sudden tropical vacation, special engagement or public competitions.


With all the advances made in sunless tanning it's become more affordable and accessible. Spray machines are now faster and include laser guidance to help the technician apply an even application, preventing doubling back on the same area. Because of the efficiency of these machines money can be saved for most vendors. New technology has allowed for more competition in the industry including the mobile salon - offering unlimited convenience and affordability right at your door step.


Mobile spray tan is an efficient business that literally comes to your door and offers a natural looking tan, all within the comfort of your own accommodations. Most companies bring a pop up tent to spray or can be done conveniently in your own shower without any harm to your surroundings. There are no excuses to be made for not achieving that flawless tan. So the next time you’re in need of an immediate boost of color, give a spray tan a try.

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