» Santa Is On His Way

Santa Is On His Way

Santa knows he needs to be prepared for his tropical holiday after the Christmas rush. In his magical bag are only the best skin products for his fair northern skin - and Mrs. Claus agrees! Not only do they want to share their list of favorites, but with the help of the Wolff Tanning Bed elves they want to give their favorites away too.

Santa is always looking for that "Wow" factor, so this year when he steps off that plane he'll have already lathered on the JWOWW and hit the tanning bed for that pre-vacation glow. He knows that this product will deliver the punch of color he needs to feel at home among the bronze-skinned beauties and to disguise his northern complexion.

Second on his list of faves is Australian Gold. Santa burns easily and he knows that his fair skin is no match for the hot tropical sun. In fact all his reindeer crew lather up before heading out on that magical flight.

Third on his list is Designer Skin - for that extra dash of sophistication. The annual Snowbird Beach Party is the event of the year where the Claus's mingle with some of the top celebrities from around the world. This is the perfect touch for such an exquisite occasion.

After last year's party, Santa made friends with one of his favorite Hollywood elite. We won't mention any names, but he now knows that he can't forget to add Kardashian Glow to that list. Mrs. Claus and Mr. Jenner hit it off so well that they will be mapping out their Californian trip with a small excursion to Universal studios.

The last and final must-have is Californian Tan. Perfect for the Californian vacation as this product will top up the polished tan achieved from their world class vacation with just the right amount of moisture for their final destination in the Sunkissed State. The long lasting effects will gently take care of their hard earned golden tone.

Now that you know what the Claus's favorites are head on over to our Holiday Giveaway on Facebook. Mobile users, you can register too by going to http://woobox.com/kw4ou4 Good luck!

Happy Holidays!

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