» Achieving A Beautiful Golden Tan

Achieving A Beautiful Golden Tan

For many people beach season is gearing up and we all want to have that glowing sultry tan for the season. There are often questions asked on how to achieve that rock star hue because, let's face it, nobody wants a ghost white appearance at the local club or beach. We are going to share with you three major tips to help you prepare for your hot celebrity appearance this season.


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Often the first common mistake is booking too long of session for the first time. This can lead to a burn and discomfort which is not a great start, as well as can set you more  behind than ahead. Understandably we want to speed things up, but gradual is always better until you can get to that desirable maintenance phase.


Depending on your natural body hue from pale to olive you will want to start accordingly. If you we were pale to start, begin with 5 minutes or less in a regular bed; then, depending how your body responds, add one to two min to each session. Remember to moisturize after you shower and it is recommended to wait an hour after your session before showering so your fresh tan or enhancing lotions can sink in.


Lotions are important and at WolffTanningbed.com we carry many reputable brands to moisturize, excel, maintain and deepen. It is recommended to use many of these lotions during the tanning process. Instead of increasing time on the bed think of using a bronzer after you set a base tan as a tool to achieve the deep even look. Bronzers increase blood flow as well as production of melanin brought to the top layers of the skin. By using the bronzer it accelerates the hue but also builds up a more natural, desired look. There are many different brands out there but you are always safe with brands from our site or any well-known tanning salon.


Third and finally the most important information we can give you is, love your tan. You worked hard to achieve a beautifully glowing hot bronzed hue and now you need to show your stuff. Get out and socialize, party or chill out on your favorite beach-front patio, while letting your confidence shine among your old friends and new. This is what tanning is all about and now your ready to set a trend or raise the bar on cool.


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