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This price includes both shocks for your tanning bed. We will match up the information you provide about your tanning bed with to get you the correct part.

This item is a set of gas springs for SunQuest models including (1000S, 2000S, 3000S, 14S, 14SE, 16S, 16SE, 16RS, 16R, 20S, 20SX, 24S, 24SF, 24R, 24RS, 24RSF, 24RST, 26SX, 26RS, 26RST) with a manufactured date of 1994 or newer. When ordering online, place your SunQuest model in the box.

If you have a SunQuest model that does not appear on this list, you need to call with your bed model to order over the phone.

Please gather all the info you can from the shocks and from your tanning bed and input that information under "Bed & Shock Information"